We offer a full spectrum of professional property management services from our offices located at Mumbai & Pune.



Electrical Services
All types of industrial & domestic air conditioning, D.G sets & UPS maintenance, H.T Line & L.T. maintenance, Maintenance of Elevators


Carpentry Services
Our carpenters build units, furnitures, benches, decks, custom fences and gates, outdoor kitchens and all kind of wood works.


Mazda does not provide just regular plumbers. We give you plumbing technicians who are trained to deliver a tailored and unique service experience. The latest plumbing techniques are utilized for long term durability and maintenance.


Pantry Services

We provide well uniformed pantry staffs who efficiently handle pantry services. They are well trained to serve your staff and important delegates with utmost care. Our Pantry boys are appointed to do pantry jobs like preparing tea, coffee or other beverages and serving them to VIP staff or Office staff. They will also serve water and other snacks as and when required.

Pest Control
House flies, rodents, cockroaches, termites and mosqitoes tend to accumulate wherever there is human activity and is virtually a global phenomenon, especially where food or food waste is exposed. Mazda Hospitality Services undertake services of providing pest control solutions for commercial and domestic customers. Dealing effectively with a range of pest control problems as they occur, we also lead the way in developing innovative, environmentally sensitive solutions for the detection, prevention and elimination of troublesome pests.

Landscaping & Horticulture Services include:
Green House Management & Nursery Technique
Gardening & Landscaping Designing
Afforestration & Green Belt Development
Fountain & Waterfall Systems

Building Management System (BMS)


HVAC Cleaning

How clean is the air that you breathe inside the plush offices and board rooms of high rise buildings? Dust, grains, pollen and debris keep accumulating on the walls of air conditioning and ventilation systems of your buildings without your knowledge. It is essential to clean and maintain these ducts to ensure the availability of clean air in centrally air conditioned buildings. Mazda’s HVAC Cleaning Services not only ensure pure clean air flowing through the ducts but also ensures increased life span of your HVAC system by reducing the wear and tear caused by accumulation of dust and debris.

Access Control Systems
Access cards/Biometric Access Control

Sophisticated and secure working environments require that access be given only to an authorized person. Automatic attendance recording allows a much easier solution for keeping track of your employees’ attendance. Today, Biometric Security and Access Systems enables powerful and advanced tool for higher security and control. By optimizing fingerprint recognition with optical and software application, an advanced Biometric access and attendance can be designed. We at Mazda, provide various models of the Biometric Attendance and Access Control Systems which include fingerprint recognition as well as RF cards. These can be integrated with Electromagnetic locks for Access Control. They can be designed for various user capacities.

CCTV & Boom Barriers maintenance
An essential part of any business is maintaining security in the buildings and to make sure that untoward incidents by miscreants are avoided and tackled effectively. CCTV can be used to track activities within businesses having high value assets and high traffic such as Banking and Financial Institutions, Jewelry shops, Hospitals, Warehouses, Parking Lots, Commercial buildings, Shopping Malls etc. Automatic Boom Barriers are used for setting up security check points at the exit and entry points of any kind of establishments like Commercial Buildings, Housing Societies, Parking Lots, Toll Plazas or any junction with medium to heavy traffic.

Our services at competitive prices:

  • Maintenance and upkeep of your costly CCTV and Boom Barrier Equipment.
  • Providing workers for installation of CCTV Cameras and Boom Barriers.
  • Replacement of faulty parts.
  • Fire Hydrants

Mazda has specialized Fire Hydrant maintenance and repair services which include Installation and Replacement of Hydrants, Regular repair of damaged fire hydrant equipment, Grade adjustments, Inspection services, Flow Testing and Analysis.

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