We offer a full spectrum of professional property management services from our offices located at Mumbai & Pune.

House Keeping

Mazda Housekeeping services are particularly concentrated on providing total comprehensive maintenance services on a corporate level. Our Expertise, State-of-the art equipment and skilled staff makes it possible to deliver fast and easy housekeeping services. We work in close coordination with our clients to deliver customized services of International standards. Our services are environment friendly. We offer the most cost effective options for your satisfaction and Business prosperity. We take care of the job till the smallest of details so that you are relieved and rest assured by outsourcing your housekeeping requirements to Mazda.

Our housekeeping services are leveraged by Corporate Services, IT Companies, Airliners, Commercial complex, Schools, Banks, Call Centers, Embassies, Consulates, Public Sector Companies and many more.

Housekeeping Services:
•Regular sweeping and mopping of all floor area with quality cleaning material
•Cobweb removal and dusting
•Cleaning of bathrooms, toilets, wash basins, windows, ceramic fittings etc. with best quality liquid detergent and cleaning chemicals
•Clearing waste paper baskets
•Cleaning of all telephones and computers
•Cleaning and dusting of furniture
•Cleaning and wiping of glass doors, windows, light fittings, sign boards etc.
•Garbage and waste paper disposal
•Weekly scrubbing of floor tiles
•Decoration maintenance: Flower vases, pots, plants etc.


Cleaning Material and Machineries

Mazda is reputed for providing services of International standards. We make use of the best cleaning materials and chemicals manufactured by reputed companies. We use state-of –the-art machinery giving us tremendous speed of operation.



Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning

Making your carpets looking like new again:

Mazda specializes in Carpet Vacuum cleaning and Dry Foam Shampooing. We also undertake Sofa/Chair/Upholstery Vacuum cleaning and Dry Foam Shampooing.

Machines and chemicals used:

  • Carpet Vacuum Cleaner
  • Single Disc Machine with carpet brush
  • Foam Generator
  • Spray Extraction Machine
  • Carpet Shampoo
  • Carpet Detergent
  • Stain Removal Kit



Dazzling clean and neatly piled carpets
Spotless fresh new look with the colour coming out as good as new.

The Dual Advantage:
Our new Carpet cleaning technique works as pest control, preventing the growth of common insects in the carpets. So now you not only get clean carpets but also pest-free carpets.




Floor Polishing

World class floor waxing, polishing and cleaning services for all types of floors

Flooring of High traffic areas wear down over a period of time due to constant accumulation of dirt and grit. Everyday usage causes unsightly scratches and nicks reducing the shine of beautiful floors. Now you can ensure the longevity of your flooring with high quality floor cleaning and waxing services from Mazda. We provide regular floor cleaning and maintenance services to keep your floor surfaces looking their best and saving you money in the long run.



Our range of services covers all floor surfaces:

Polishing of Mosaic, Vinyl & PVC Floors
Floors are scrubbed using different specialty chemicals which strip the floor of all stains. An acrylic coat is then applied over the surfaced to produce gloss which maintains the floors for daily cleaning.

Polishing of Wooden Floors
Wooden floor polishing seals the wood and minimizes grain raise by providing a build layer. The polish used is a sophisticated waterborne wood floor finish and is available in gloss and satin (matt) for use on heavy traffic commercial floors. Natural wood colours enhance the beauty of the wood and gives exceptional build and clarity.

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